Contemplative Creativity

“Contemplative Creativity” days are usually held in Meanwood, Leeds but can be provided for your own church, group or community.

These retreat days have been running for several years now and each time participants have benefitted greatly in terms of their engagement and enjoyment.

This type of day is perfect for anyone who enjoys, or would like to explore and experiment with art and also spending time with God in a contemplative way.  No artistic ability or experience is necessary. Some may feel out of their comfort zone and a little stretched but are helped and encouraged and usually surprised and pleased with what they’ve produced by the end of the day.

The “feel” of the morning and afternoon sessions are quite different.  The morning is relaxed and involves experimentation with art materials, chatting and snacking – so it’s informal and social – good for a congregation to do together and also great for including people you may know less well.  People are encouraged to “play” and not worry about an end result.  The intention is that during the morning session each person finds the best medium which they are most happy to use during the afternoon.

The afternoon session has a quiet, contemplative feel.  There are a few brief minutes of instruction, then the meditation (words and music) to which people listen in silence.  They then begin their own artistic response, using the materials with which they felt most comfortable in the morning; in silence, for about an hour. 

People are then invited to talk about their piece(s) of work.  This is, of course, not compulsory.  This part of the day is invariably touching and inspirational as people talk about how they have heard from God throughout the day and to see how they have expressed what is often meaningful and profound.

The days have been such a success simply because people have engaged with God and experienced a connection with Him through taking time out of their routine to focus, listen and then respond.

The cost for the day is usually £9.50 and one or two places could be subsidised if cost is a problem for anyone.  All materials, drinks and snacks are provided, and people bring their own lunch.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please do contact me and we can chat or explore whether this might be for you or your group or congregation.

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